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In SON FONT BUILDERS , The creation of distinguished space it is our passion .Whether you are building a house or villa personalized, We work hard to satisfy and exceed everyone's expectations and each of our clients . Meet and exceed expectations It's a philosophy hiring the minute you walk through our we door.

We help you from the purchase of your land, analyzing the technical constructive characteristics, Then we project your house
together with you and your family

After the house was designed, completely to your liking, we take care of the construction.You can see each stage of the construction




Any well-designed prefabricated house is much more economical than a conventional one. In addition, it offers a number of advantages that could hardly provide any other type of housing.

In this way, in the first place they are customizable, with what our customers can change the distribution of them if the one that is default does not adapt to the idea they are looking for.

Second, they can be located in any type of plot according to the law of the City Council. Ever and when the study of it is favorable - from the city to a rural setting.



Modern, eco-friendly wooden houses built with an innovative process of industrialization which guarantees record construction deadlines.High-efficiency energy-saving custom projects equipped with the most advanced eco technology and designed under passive house standards.